About Zachariah's Chocolates

Pure Chocolate Love

I always loved Chocolate; working on Mackinac Island in Michigan for eight years gave me a crash course of the standards used in this country to create “candy.” After Covid swept the nation, I was left pondering my future. I had been up till this time traveling the county playing poker and focusing on health when home in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. I decided to research and study Coffee and Cocao roasting and everything associated with each process. Cacao was more complex and pulled into the world of Chocolate.  I started Zachariah’s Chocolate in 2021 and started to learn and develop methods to create chocolate with the standards that all chocolate in the U.S.A. should use. Almost all chocolate produced in this country couldn’t be labeled as chocolate in most countries in the world, and that’s a shame. Cacao is a superfood packed with vital nutrients, and the chocolate we are accustomed to in this country uses the smallest amount possible to coincide with labeling laws. Now I am on a mission to educate and bring something new to the area. I love the Upper Midwest and believe the great people of this area are ready for REAL CHOCOLATE!

At Zachariah’s Chocolates, we do small batches of chocolate using stone refiners. This method retains the maxim nutritional value of Cacao. Our refining process with machines that provide a small amount of conching for over 48 hours per batch gives our chocolates that silk mouth melt that provides a tranquil feeling of quality. All our products are traced back to origin farms that adhere to strict standards. We believe our planet and every species of life are unique and imperative for us to blossom into the future. Using only the highest quality Ingredients from fams that place people of profit, I am honored to serve you my finest!

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